Put Your Competitor Out of Business: Buy Them

Have you ever thought about growing your business by buying your competitor?

It’s a very viable strategy to grow a business quickly, with very low risk. You can gain new customers and market share overnight. And of course you can ultimately gain more price control and better margins.

But where do you start? You can’t buy your competitor’s business unless he can be persuaded to sell it to you. Approaching your competitor with a proposition to acquire his business would be awkward to say the least. Perhaps you have already tried talking to your competitor about an acquisition, only to be rebuffed.

Of course your competitor is uncomfortable with the idea of discussing an acquisition with you. After all, he doesn’t want to share intimate information about his company with anyone, let alone a competitor. It is a frightening proposition.

Perhaps we can help. We are a business acquisition consulting company specializing in arranging competitor buyouts. We can help from the initial stages of approaching and exploring your competitor buyout possibilities, through to valuing the target company, to negotiating and closing the deal.

If you want to explore the option of buying your competitor, let’s talk. An initial consultation is free. We can research your competitor’s business status, and make the approach for your for under $350.

Interested? Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.